Simple Steps For Your First Time Cloning

Post by   Aug 15, 2016

If you're fairly new to growing, you've probably heard a lot of people talking about 'cloning' their plants. The whole process of cloning can seem pretty daunting if you have never done it before. The good news is, if you follow instructions precisely it can be...

3 Big Ways Hydroponics Is Helping the World

Post by   Aug 02, 2016

Humans have been growing food to feed themselves since time immemorial. The history of civilization begins when men learned how to grow enough food to settle in one place instead of living a nomadic existence based on hunting and gathering. The science of cultivating plants...

Flush the Nutes from the Roots!

Post by   Jul 30, 2016

Flushing Flushing is an important part of your plants life cycle. Why? Think of all the mineral nutrients you are feeding your crop with throughout the duration of their life. These nutrients are stored in the plants roots, so when your plant starts to bloom...

The Low Down on Grow Media

Post by   Jul 26, 2016

What is Grow Media?  Grow media, or it's full term 'growing medium' is the substance that your plants grow in. So basically, anything a plant grows in is considered grow media.  In hydroponics, we do not use soil. More nutrient dense media is used for...

Cracking the Nutrient Code at the Hydroponic Supply Store

Post by   Jul 12, 2016

Because hydroponics depends on growing plants without soil, many nutrients that are normally found in soil are not readily available to a hydroponic grower. That means soilless growing requires complete nutrient solutions that give plants everything they need for strong growth and maximum yields. These...

A Beginners Guide To Deep Water Culture Systems

Post by   Jul 02, 2016

What is a DWC (Deep Water Culture) system? 'Hydroponics' in Greek can literally be broken down into the words 'water' and 'labor', so it makes sense that there are some purely aquatic hydroponic systems out there. These systems are called DWC (Deep Water Culture) and have...

A Beginner's Guide to Hydroponic Grow Lights

Post by   Jun 29, 2016
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There are many variables that affect a plant's growth. A big one is the type of grow lights you use. Using the right grow light system will have a noticeable effect on the yield of your plants. We've compiled a brief rundown of different types...

HID Grow Lights

Post by   Jun 23, 2016

                         Image: What are HID grow lights? If they aren't already, grow lights should be at the top of your list of hydroponic supplies. High intensity discharge, or HID, lights are a favorite among...

Just the Phacts About pH Balance

Post by   Jun 15, 2016

When plants are growing like gangbusters in your hydroponic garden, it’s smart to keep on using the same nutrients and techniques to keep the big harvests coming. If you notice that your results are slipping, it can begin a trial and error process to get...

Your Local Hydroponics Store Has Endless Summer in Stock. Don't Forget a Fan

Post by   May 26, 2016

When you're setting up an indoor garden, it's tempting to start thinking about planting your crop right away. However, before you head on out to your local hydroponics store to buy things like nutrients and plant grow lights, it's smart to consider some basic environmental...