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Gardeners may want to try transplanting their plants from soil into a hydroponics system.  Sometimes, this happens because you purchase a cutting from a nursery and it was started in soil.  On the other hand, you may just be a soil gardener and want to experiment with hydroponics.

The most important thing to know is that a bunch of dirt in your hydroponics system will clog your pumps and make cleaning your reservoir a hassle.

You can easily transplant from soil into a hydroponics system without shocking the plants or damaging your equipment.  Simply follow these steps:

1.  If the cutting is in a cup or small pot, simply turn it over while holding the base of the plant’s main stem.

2.  Let the dirt fall away, leaving you with the cutting.  If it doesn’t easily come out when you turn the cup over, squeeze the sides and loosen the soil until the plants pops out.

3.  Get a bucket of pure reverse osmosis water and pH balance it.

4.  Gently place the plant’s root-ball into the water and shake until the soil falls away.

5.  Rinse the roots until they’re snow-white.

6.  Transplant the cutting into your hydroponics medium (rockwool,coco, hydroton, etc.).

7.  Begin normal feeding schedule.

That’s it!  Each plant will only take a minute to clean once you get the hang of it.  Just be gentle and work methodically.