Water for Growing

Post by   May 17, 2016

Although the earliest discussions of growing plants in water, without soil, appeared in the 1600s, it wasn’t until the 1800s that what was called solution culture got serious development.  However, it was not used on any large scale until the 1920s, when Frederick Gericke, at...

Don't Let Spider Mites Harvest Your Crop for You

Post by   Apr 14, 2016

Hydroponic gardening is so much cleaner than growing in regular soil that it's easy to forget you can have the same problems as growers with mud on their boots. Spider mites are an example of an indoor/outdoor problem that can have a devastating effect on...

Transplanting Your Plant From Soil to a Hydroponic System

Post by   Feb 15, 2016

Gardeners may want to try transplanting their plants from soil into a hydroponics system.  Sometimes, this happens because you purchase a cutting from a nursery and it was started in soil.  On the other hand, you may just be a soil gardener and want to experiment...