$232.45 $ 290.57
The LightRail 3.5 is an adjustable, self propelled light mover that transports a light system along a six-foot aluminum track. Simple, lightweight and easy to install, each system can handle reflectors up to 50 pounds. The LightRail's 110V, 10 RPM Intelli Drive trolley motor pauses at the ends of the included six-foot rail for a customizable time period between zero to 60 seconds. Further customize systems with an Add-a-Lamp Kit, which adds a motorless six-inch trolley and six additional feet of rail, giving the ability to attach additional reflectors to a preexisting LightRail 3.5 system for a combined 12-foot two-lamp system, or choose the three-foot Extender Rail to lengthen the reach of an existing six-foot system. The Robo Stik Lamp Stabilizer is compatible with 3.5 and 4 models and helps to position, balance and stabilize mounted reflectors. Extra Slide Nuts with Thumb Screws for additional switch stops are also available,...