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The 10" x 20.75" Super Starter Heat Mat increases root zone temperatures 10-20° over ambient temperatures to improve seed germination and plant cutting success rates. The 120V unit is water resistant and insulated to promote uniform heating. Includes an integrated power cord and a 1 year warranty.
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This durable, double-sided Grodan Gro-Smart Tray is a perfect fit for many of Grodan’s most popular plugs and blocks. The tray’s 78-cell side is ideal for 1 1/2-inch A-OKs™, Mini-Blocks™ or Gro-Blocks™. This design greatly improves the airflow around cuttings, and the rounded-mesh support in the bottom of each cell helps to prevent root damage when pulling the plant up. This tray fits in a standard 10-inch x 20-inch flat, where it keeps the growing medium elevated from the bottom of the flat. Designed for Grodan products, this tray is also compatible with many other types of plugs. This versatile tray is double-sided and dishwasher safe.